Effective Tips For Boxer Dog Bite Training

Boxer dog is a powerful and active dog, and is on of the medium sized breeds of dogs. Apart from being playful and active, a boxer dog has a strong jaw and sharp teeth which make it bite frequently. Most of the Boxer dog owners complain of the biting habit of their dogs and want to know tips for boxer dog bite training. With proper training and socializing, a boxer dog can be trained to stop biting and spend its energy in other useful activities.

Why do Boxer dogs bite?

Boxer dog bites are very dangerous and some time they can even be fatal as the dog has a very powerful jaw. The first step is to identify why your dog is biting, and then take effective training measures to cure this habit. For Boxer dogs, biting is a way to gain attention and to be playful. Also, they use their mouth to perform various activities such as picking objects and playing with them. As the dogs have lot of things to do with their mouth, they develop a habit of biting. This habit can be harmful for their owners and children in the house as they don’t realize how hard they are biting.

How to stop your Boxer dog from biting?

Boxer dog training is very important to avoid injuries in the house. Moreover, a trained boxer dog is very helpful as compared to an uncivilized and ill-mannered one. Following techniques should be used for a Boxer dog training:

  • The first thing is to react when your dog bites you. Every time your dog bites you, change your position and go away from it even if it’s being playful. If you both are on the floor, stand up and move away and if you are holding the dog, put it on the floor.
  • Another training technique is to ignore the dog’s biting behavior. A Boxer dog usually bite to grab the attention of its owner and it will learn that the biting thing doesn’t work, it will stop biting gradually. Also, pay attention to your dog so that it doesn’t develop bad habits to seek your attention.
  • Involve your Boxer dog in various activities that are necessary for its playful and fun nature. Make a daily routine for your dog and take it to a walk and make it exercise daily so that its energy is spent in a useful way.
  • Sometimes Boxer dogs bite because of their nature and they can’t help it. To help them with this habit, a good tip is to offer them a chew toy. Watch your dog carefully and find out which types of objects your dog likes to chew the most. Offer him rubber toys such as balls and bones made up of rubber or plastic so that they can feel satisfied after biting them.
  • Along with all these training tips, you must be strict with your dog and make him learn that biting you or others is not acceptable. Boxer dogs are very intelligent and they easily get what’s wrong and what’s right. Simply stop it from biting and don’t appreciate this behavior.

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