Foods To Avoid For Dogs

Dogs love to eat foods as we human do. We and dog don’t focus much on what to have and what to not. What can be harmful and what can not be. For us, we human slightly knows about foods that we should avoid but some stills eat, that’s because we’re bit educated about foods. Dogs don’t know. It is us, who will control their diet and food.

Some foods can be dangerous in a way which can take your beloved pets life too and can die by the poisonous food. If your dog ever eat any foods, which is poisonous you should apply inducing your dog vomit but you should know how to induce vomiting in dogs but don’t do on your own, consult a vet if he ask you to do then to do so otherwise take your pet directly to the vet.

1. Caffeine

Dogs and cats appear to be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than people. Coffee will not contain enough caffeine to cause poisoning in most pets. The ingestion of moderate amounts of coffee grounds can easily cause death in small dogs when ingested signs of hyperactivity vomiting and elevated heart rate hypertension tremors hyperthermia seizures and other difficulties can occur.

2. Cheese

When consumed in moderation, cheese might not pose a big threat to your dog but if he happens to eat too much cheese, he might suffer from diarrhea flatulence bloating constipation and other digestive upsets apart from problems with breaking down lactose. Some dogs may also have difficulty processing the high fat content found in some cheese.

3. Bacon

As bacon is not even good for humans, it comes as no surprise that dogs should avoid this unhealthy delicacy – just like most humans dogs love bacon but unfortunately it’s high fat content can lead to digestion problems and eventually even to canine pancreas naturally dogs should eat meat but rich greasy and fatty pork is nothing they should be given.

4. Macadamia nuts

Native to Australia macadamia nuts are rich in numerous essential nutrients including thiamine, vitamin, manganese, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus etc. Despite these healthy essentials it has recently been discovered that these nuts are toxic to dogs ingestion may result in macadamia toxicity marked by weakness and hind limb paralysis with the inability to stand occurring within  hours of ingestion. The symptoms may also include muscle tremors joint pain and severe abdominal pain.

5. Chewing  gum

Seemingly harmless sugarless gum czar actually the most dangerous food dogs can be given these popular treats usually contain a natural sweetener xylitol that is lethal to dogs. It causes a rush of insulin blood sugar levels to plummet possible coma and even death according to experts. A chewing gum containing xylitol is 10 times more toxic to dogs than chocolate
it’s estimated that thousands of dogs die every year as a result of eating this type of gum.

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