What is an automatic feeder for cat

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These are feeding systems for pets , which vary greatly depending on the species. When it comes to a dog or a cat, the feeding automaton is a bowl with a device that conveys amounts of food into the bowl, depending on the setting. From there she can eat the animal. Feeders for birds work similarly, but offer the bird the food he likes best. There are also feeders for terrariums and aquariums, which in turn are more complicated. They are particularly demanding for the terrarium, because in this environment the food often consists of live animals, which are released into the terrarium at a certain time.

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Regardless of the type of animal feeder but all work the same. They are previously filled with the animal’s feed, which needs to be tough. For wet food they are therefore unsuitable. The dry food can be portioned as the animal needs it individually. Then it can be set when the animal should be fed. There are very simple systems that work without electricity, but mostly only for the filling of a cup and not made for use under water in the aquarium. Intelligent feeders work digitallyand with them you can precisely time when the feeding takes place and how much food the animal should receive. Even the duration of a feeding can be precisely adjusted in the high-end devices, since it is important for some animals that they do not have permanent feed available.

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